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Ecological advertising bags

Ecological advertising bags

Eco Kraft promotional bags are an excellent response to the growing ecological awareness among consumers and the escalating problem of environmental destruction. More and more people are paying attention to choosing products that meet ecological and ethical standards. They want to make responsible purchases, which is why they opt for paper bags – easy to dispose of, 100% biodegradable, recyclable, and reusable. Environmental responsibility is also a priority for many businesses striving to operate in an environmentally friendly manner and avoid contributing to nature degradation. They choose ecological paper bags as an alternative to traditional bags.

Ecological Bags

In response to our customers’ expectations, we offer biodegradable bags made of ECO KRAFT paper, produced from recycled paper and virgin fibers. These ecological paper bags completely decompose in the environment within a few weeks, up to a maximum of six months. This is incomparably shorter than the decomposition time of plastic packaging or laminated papers, which can take several decades to several hundred years.

Ecological Advertising Bags

The main advantage of ECO paper bags, like other paper bags in our range, is their reusability and biodegradability. We strive to promote ecological practices while meeting the needs of our customers. Therefore, our products are spacious, durable, and convenient to use. Ecological advertising bags are an excellent alternative to traditional plastic bags or non-biodegradable cardboard boxes.

Eco Kraft Bags

Eco Kraft bags can transport various advertising materials, gifts, and presents, as well as food, chemical products, clothing, and cosmetics. Eco advertising bags are designed for discerning individuals who value elegance in natural tones and appreciate environmentally friendly solutions. They are also excellent promotional and advertising tools used by responsible businesses that prioritize building strong relationships with their target audience.

Examples of Our Work

Skomponuj własną torbę EKO KRAFT

torba papierowa

Metody nadruku

Druk offsetowy (CMYK, Pantone)
Hot stamping (złoty, srebrny i inne)
Tłoczenie (wklęsłe, wypukłe)
torba papierowa

Rodzaje uchwytów

Sznurek bawełniany, kolor wg indywidualnego zamówienia
Sznurek jutowy naturalny brązowy
Tasiemki atłasowe, rypsowe i inne w wielu kolorach
Uchwyt sztancowany
torba papierowa


Zdobienia ręczne
Nitowanie otworów pod uchwyty

Orders, lead time and shipping

We process orders for advertising bags available in the warehouse within 3 working days. Individual orders requiring preparation and printing, as well as large-volume orders are carried out within a minimum of 5 working days. In the case of non-standard orders, the delivery time and form of shipment are agreed individually.

The delivery time for bags from the Table of available dies is determined by a Mer Plus representative.

Place your order

We carry out orders from all over Poland. Look for a suitable representative in your region or call the office. Our experienced sales team helps with choosing the right size of the bag, sets prices, delivery time and payment method. We encourage you to take advantage of our entire offer and contact us by e-mail or telephone. If you have any questions or doubts, we are at your disposal.

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