Manufacturer of paper bags



Are you running a business and looking to surprise your customers or introduce a new form of self-promotion?

Or perhaps you have a large family or corporate event coming up and you need to purchase a significant quantity of decorative bags for your guests?

Would you like to stand out from the crowd and increase your competitiveness in the market, thereby increasing your profits?

We have a solution!

Promotional Bag Manufacturer

For 30 years, we have been operating in the Polish market, supplying companies and retail outlets with various types of paper promotional bags. Our range includes both traditional, eco-friendly, kraft paper bags with customized printing, as well as laminated, elegant bags with handles made of ribbons or cords. Gift bags, promotional bags with company logos, slogans, or offers are excellent for marketing activities and increasing customer interest in a particular product, offer, or service. Original and unique promotional bags for gifts, giveaways, or promotional materials are the perfect solution for companies looking to stand out from the competition. Bags with customized prints are part of the brand visualization process and help reinforce brand recall in customers’ minds, increasing the likelihood of their return for future purchases.

Decorative Bag Manufacturer

We also offer bags made from decorative papers, bags for alcohol, as well as handmade bags adorned with dried flowers, seeds, and natural eco-friendly materials. Upon customer request, we can create various decorations and prints. We provide a wide selection of different papers, colors, bag designs, and a Catalogue of available die-cut shapes from which you can choose the appropriate size. However, we are more than capable of producing bags in other sizes as well. We offer the possibility of fulfilling custom orders, including those made from corrugated and laminated cardboard, as well as personalized gift boxes.

We encourage you to get in touch with our experienced sales representatives. We assist in selecting the right bag sizes, colors, printing techniques, and decorations. We guarantee high-quality materials, prompt delivery times, and convenient payment terms for long-term cooperation.